A german teenager plans a trip to Paris.

One day, before the trip, he visits his grandfather, where he mentions his plan.

"Ach, Paris!" - he replies - "I've been there once! Wonderful city!"

"Really? Can you tell me some good places to visit?"

"Sure I can! There is a small street, more like an alley, right next to the Eiffel Tower. There is this amazing restaurant! The best french dishes are served there. And the best part: it's free for germans!"

"I never thought that! I must check it out!"

"Oh, and after that, just a couple of blocks away, there is this winery! My god, the best wines in all of France are served there! Oh, and it's also free for germans!"

"This is even better! But are there any other fun places to visit, that is free for germans?"

"Oh, I know what you are thinking about, my grandson! There is this brothel, on the other side of the Eiffel Tower! The prettiest ladies are waiting for any wish of yours! And it's free for germans!"

The teenager is super excited. A week passes, and he goes back to his granddad, who sees he looks in pretty bad shape.

"Dear Lord, my grandson! What happened to you?"

"Oh, granddad! Something wasn't right! We went to this restaurant with my friends. When they gave me the bill, I told them it's free for me, since I'm german. They slapped me in the face so bad, it still hurts!"

"Oh, my! What else?"

"Then, we visited this winery! We hoped to get some decent service, but when they heard we didn't want to pay, because it's free for us, they kicked us out so bad my ass still hurts!"

"That sounds horrible!"

"But wait... there's more. You see, after two beatings we hoped we get a consolation at the brothel. We had a good time, but when we didn't want to pay they beat us up so bad, all of my limbs hurt even to this day!"

"I just can't imagine what went so wrong! Which traveling agency did you pay for your trip?"

"The one right across the street!"

"Oh, that's right. I used to go there with the Waffen SS..."

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