Zachary Disease

A young woman was having a hard time getting and keeping dates with the opposite sex, so she became convinced there was something wrong with her. She talked to several doctors, none of which could give her a straight answer as to why her love life was in the dumps.

She heard of Dr. Chan, and even though he was by far the oldest and rudest doctor in town, she decided to pay him a visit.

"Dr. Chan, I can't seem to get a date and I think there's something wrong with me, but no one can seem to tell me anything, can you please help me?"

"OK, OK...hmmm.... yes, verry interesting.....bend over and pull down pants so I can take a look."

Although she was very confused, she did as she was told, and bent over while pulling down her pants.

"Ahh, I see... I see.... you pull your pants back up now."

"What is it doctor, did you see something?"

"Yes... yes... You ever heard of Zachary Disease?"

"No doctor, what's Zachary Disease?"

"It's no good.... It's where your face look zachary like your ass!"

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