When the kid graduated from high school...

his father told him he was going to be a paratrooper.
"Dad", he said, "I don't want to jump out of airplanes."
"Rubbish", his dad said, "I was a paratrooper. My father, your grandfather, was a paratrooper. And you'll be a paratrooper. Don't worry, they'll teach you all you need to know."
So the kid went off to the Air Force.

When he returned after basic training, his dad asked him how it went. "Dad, I'm not cut out to be a paratrooper. When I got to the door to jump, I froze." His dad said, "When I was in the Air Force, we had drill sergeants who would help you jump. Didn't you have a drill sergeant?" "Uh, yes", the kid said, "and he came right up behind me and hollered - If you don't jump, I got 10 inches of hard meat that's gonna go right up your ass." "Well", his dad asked, "did you jump?"
"A little at first", the kid replied.

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