Titanic Vs. Clinton

TITANIC VIDEO: $9.99 on Internet.

CLINTON VIDEO: $9.99 on Internet.

TITANIC VIDEO: Over 3 hours long.

CLINTON VIDEO: Over 3 hours long.

TITANIC VIDEO: The story of Jack and Rose, their forbidden love, a subsequent catastrophe.

CLINTON VIDEO: The story of Bill and Monica, their forbidden love, a subsequent catastrophe.

TITANIC VIDEO: Villain: White Star Line.

CLINTON VIDEO: Villain: Ken Starr.

TITANIC VIDEO: Jack is a starving artist.

CLINTON VIDEO: Bill is a B.S. artist.

TITANIC VIDEO: In one part, Jack enjoys a good cigar.

CLINTON VIDEO: Ditto for Bill.

TITANIC VIDEO: During ordeal, Rose's dress gets ruined.

CLINTON VIDEO: Ditto for Monica.

TITANIC VIDEO: Jack teaches Rose to spit.

CLINTON VIDEO: Let's not go there.

TITANIC VIDEO: Rose gets to keep her jewelery.

CLINTON VIDEO: Monica's gets a pearl necklace.

TITANIC VIDEO: Behind the scenes: Leonardo DiCaprio is wildly popular.

CLINTON VIDEO: Behind the scenes: Bill Clinton's approval rating is at 70%.

TITANIC VIDEO: Jack surrenders to an icy death.

CLINTON VIDEO: Bill goes home to Hillary

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