The Pope's New Camera

A member of the paparazzi is looking in the window of the Pope
one morning and snaps a picture of him masturbating. As the
flash goes off, the Pope sees him and runs after him.

The Pope catches up to the guy and tells him that he can't sell
that picture. The guy explains to the Pope this is how he makes
his living. The Pope suggests a solution, telling him to sell
the camera to him with the film still in it for the sum of five
thousand dollars. The photographer agrees.

The Pope, relaxed that his problem is solved, walks back to his
room with the camera around his neck. On the way back he crosses
paths with two cardinals. They remark about his new camera and
one of them asked him how much he paid for it. The Pope replies
five thousands dollars and the two cardinals and the Pope go on
their way. When out of earshot from the Pope, one of the
cardinals says to the other, "Whoever sold the Pope that camera
had to see him coming."

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