The Neighbours

So a married couple and their only child are living in the suburbs next to some complete bastards. the father works with one of the Neighbours and one day has to talk to them about work, so he invites them to dinner.

The child overhears his parents talking about "the bastards coming over for dinner". The child naturally being curious asks what bastards means. The father tells him it's just another word for the Neighbours.

The father starts cutting the turkey that they will be having for dinner. He cuts himself and shouts Fuck. The child, hearing this asks what Fuck means. The father tells him that it's just another word for cutting.

The child goes to find his mother and sees her putting on makeup. She gets a bit of makeup in her eye so she screams shit. The child then asks what shit means. The mother then tells him it's just another word for makeup.

At that moment the doorbell rings and the child goes to welcome the guests.
"Hello Mr and Mrs Bastard. Please come in. Dad is in the kitchen fucking the turkey and mum is upstairs putting shit on her face".

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