The Bank Robbery

A ginger, a brunette, and a blonde rob a bank. They make their getaway on foot, but the police are quick to arrive and make chase.

The bank robbers make a wrong turn down an alley and find themselves at a dead end. They furiously look around for a place to hide and see only 3 potato sacks. They shrug their shoulders and swiftly step into the sacks.

Soon after, a police officer arrives at the dead end and wonders how the bank robbers could have escaped. The officer decides they must be hiding in the alley and sees the 3 potato sacks.

The officer kicks the first potato sack and the ginger meows. The officer thinks, "oh, that's just a cat." The officer kicks the second potato sack and the brunette barks. The officer thinks, "oh, that's just a dog." The officer kicks the third potato sack and the blonde says, "poe-tay-toe."

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