Susie's Legs

One day a cop was walking along in the ghetto. He came upon a guy sitting on the curb and thinking. He went up to the guy."What are you doing," the cop asks."I'm just thinking about starting a bar right over there,but I can't think of a name for the place," the man replied."If you can come up with a name for me I'll give you a free drink,"the guy said. The cop likes this idea, so the first thing he thinks of he tells the man."How about Susie," the cop suggests."Susie, I like it. Come back tomorrow for you're drink," said the man.The cop returns to the ghetto the next day. The guy is sitting on the curb again."What about Susie?"the cop asked."The man answered," I thought about it and I decided I didn't like it.I'll give you two drinks if you come up with a better name" The cop thought for a moment and said" Susie's Legs" The man agreed and told the cop to come back tomorrow for his free drinks.The next day the cop returns, and sure enough the bar is there, but it doesn't open for another 10 minutes. He waits in his car. A young teen asks the cop what he was doing just sitting in his car. the cop replies," I'm waiting for Susie's Legs to open so I can get my free drinks."

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