The church was ecstatic because the great Pope was coming for dinner. Father John decided to go fishing to provide the main course. At the fishing hole he latches onto a big one and is struggling to get it up on the bank. A nice man rushes to help and says "I'll get that sumbitch for you." Fish in hand, the father thanks him but scolds him for cursing. Embarrassed he says "no, no that's the name of the fish." "It's called a sumbitch."
Back at the church he delivers his catch to sister Josephine and says "sister I want you to clean this sumbitch for dinner tonight." She agrees but scolds his cursing in church. He corrects her on the name of the fish and she goes to work.
Sister Josephine takes the fish to mother Mary and asks her to cook the sumbitch and the story repeats again.

The Pope sets down for dinner with his desciples and marvels at the feast, the fish in particular. Father John then says" I caught that sumbitch." Followed by sister Josephine, "I cleaned that sumbitch." And mother Mary's, " and I cooked that sumbitch." The Pope raises his arms out around them all and says "You fuckers are my kind of people!"

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