So a very depressed man named Mike walks into a bar...

He sits at the bar and orders a beer. The bartender asks him what's wrong. " You see that huge suspension bridge?" "Yes," the bartender replied. "I designed that. It's the most sturdy bridge in the western hemisphere, but they don't call me the best bridge builder." "Why not?" The bartender said. Mike, not listening continued, " You know that huge house down the street? I placed the foundation myself. That house won't move for a thousand years, but they don't call me the best foundation layer. You can do all these great things and nobody ever remembers the good accomplishments about you." The bartender looks at him sadly and asks, "That's a huge shame, my friend. So what do they call you?" At that moment a new patron walks in and looks at Mike. His eyes widen and he shouts, " Look the goat - fucker is here!"

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