There were three buddies playing golf in the local golf course when a stranger approached them and asked if he can join them. He explained how he just moved to the area and wants to make new friends. So the friends introduced themselves and let him join. As they start playing golf one of the friends (Kaboose) asked the new guy what he does for a living and the new guy replied "I'm a professional sniper." Kaboose didn't believe him and they all laughed at him. The sniper calmly reached into his golf bag and pulled out a sniper rifle from between his golf clubs. Everyone went silent. Kaboose asked if he can have a look at the rifle and the sniper let him. Kaboose looked through the scope and spotted his house. He zoomed in through the window and he saw his wife naked with some other man. He put the gun down and looked at the sniper,

**Kaboose:** How much do you charge to kill someone?

**Sniper:** I charge $1000 every time I pull the trigger

**Kaboose:** I'll give you $2000, I want you to shoot my wife in the mouth for being a total bitch and yelling at me all the time, and for banging my wife I want you to shoot the guy in his dick.

The sniper agreed and begins to take aim. A few minutes pass by and the sniper still didn't do anything yet.

**Kaboose:** What are you doing?

**Sniper:** Hold on....I'm about to save you $1000

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Edit 2: Fixed tenses, thanks to /u/mr78rpm

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