There is a lesson in class about rhymes. The teacher asked kids if anyone knows a rhyme already? Little Johnny lift his hand up and responded: "I know it!" "Ok, Johnny, tell us your rhyme" the teacher said.
"There's a dog in the grass and you can see his ass" Johnny said proudly almost singing, but the teacher angry responded: "You cannot say that word in the class!! If you want to say that properly without saying the ugly word, you can say: There's a dog in the grass and you can see his a...! and we will all know what you meant, without you saying the actual word, understand!"
"So does anyone else knows a rhyme?" teacher asked. Nobody responded and teacher wanted to start the lesson, when Johnny said again: "I have another one!"
"Ok, Johnny, tell us the rhyme, but remember what I told you!"
Johnny said "Yes, I remember!" and started with the rhyme
"My friend is really tall but his dick is s...."

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