Retarded Singers

There was a group of retarded kids that were having a tough time getting through life... Group home, no one to love them.

One day a music teacher happened through and wondered if music might cheer the kids up. It worked! A few of them were musically inclined, and the rest hummed along... The teacher kept coming back and working with the kids. They were improving, so one day she stopped at the store and bought a big bag of apples and some Coca-Cola as a treat to the kids. That day, the kids sang like never before, and the teacher attributed it to the apples and Coke. Every time she came back and brought apples and Cokes the kids were singing like songbirds, and really improving musically...

The music teacher started coming every day, bringing a big load of apples and cases of Coke, and lo and behold, what a choir. The downside of eating a lots of apples and drinking Coke was the kids were getting rather obese...So she decided to keep up with the apples, but changed their beverage to Tab diet cola...

The rest is history, for I think everyone's heard of The Moron Tab andn Apple Choir.

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