Pope Pushing Coca-Cola

The president of Coca-Cola walks into the Vatican City and asks
to see the Pope. Once in audience with the pope he says, "Father
if I gave you one million dollars, next time you lead the
prayers at mass, would you say, 'Give us this day our daily
Coca-Cola?'" "No," says the Pope, "I couldn't possibly do that."

The next day the President of Coca-Cola comes back and says,
"I'll pay you two million dollars to say in prayer, 'Give us
this day our daily Coca-Cola.'" The pope says, "No I couldn't
poss..." "Three million," the president inturupts. "No I will
not do it." "Ok. Ok." says the president of Coca-Cola, "But I
can't imagine what the bakeries must be paying you."

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