Little Johny and the Cop (OR: 'Tis the Season)

It's Christmas morning and Little Johny got the brand new, 10 speed bike that he's wanted for months. After the usual present unwrapping merriment, Little Johny runs outside with his bike and starts riding it around. As he rides, Little Johny passes a cop on horseback. The cop follows Little Johny for a while, then the cop stops him and asks "Did Santa bring you that bike for Christmas?"

Little Johny replies with a respectful "Yes, Sir."

The cop then says "Well, next year, tell Santa to put reflectors on it." And with that, the cop pulls out his citations notebook, writes Little Johny a ticket, and hands it to him. Little Johny looks at it for a moment, then looks at the cop and asks him "Did Santa bring you that horse for Christmas?"

The cop decides to humor Little Johny and replies yes.

Little Johny glares at the cop and says "Next year, tell Santa to put the asshole behind the horse instead of on top of it."

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