Life Saver

A teacher liked to play guessing games with her students to
enhance some of their senses. One day she blindfolded several
children and handed each of them a cherry lifesaver.

"Ok, who can tell me what the flavor is?" she asked.
Susie yelled "Me, me, me!", waving her arm in the air.
"Ok, Susie, go ahead." said the teacher.
"It's cherry!" Susie said proudly.
"That's right, very good, Susie." the teacher replied.

Next the teacher passed out orange flavored lifesavers, and
asked again who could tell her the flavor.

Billy waved his arm and said "I can! I can!"
Billy correctly identified the flavor, and the teacher passed
out another lifesaver to each child.

This time she had them stumped. She had found an unusual honey
flavored lifesaver and decided to see if anyone could guess it.

"Can anyone guess the flavor of this lifesaver?"

When nobody answered after a couple of minutes, she said "Ok,
class, I will give you a's what your mommy calls your

This time Lil JOhnny jumped up and yelled, "Everybody! Quick,
spit it out! It's an asshole!"

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