how to identify a stoner

Ever since this really obese guy started smoking weed he realised that being fat really hurts him so he starts to jog at night when noone can see him. After running for an hour sweating like a pig he gets stopped by a group of thugs. They demand his money but he doesnt have any on him. Since he's a good guy he suggests they stop all this thug bullshit and just go to his place to smoke up and chill.

The thugs are obviously confused and angry since the fat guy doesnt look anything like a stoner so they assume he is bullshitting them. The fat guy slowly becomming scared of getting stabbed comes up with a plan, i can prove it he proclaims. Just sniff my armpit and you can tell im a stoner. One of the bigger thugs gestures one of the smaller ones to smell the fat guys armpit. He does so and promptly throws up from the smell.

The thugs are now outrageous and about to stab the fat guy but he quickly apologizes, oh sorry i forgot thats the armpit i never wash so it kinda smells, try the other and you can tell from that im a stoner. The big thug now has it and doesnt want to waste anymore time so he smells the armpit and throws up from the smell. Now everyone is angry at fatty so he starts explaining

oh yeh thats right i forgot i never wash either of my armpits since you know im a stoner and all of that.

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