Genitals in the classroom ...

One day in a normal school classroom, the teacher went in after recess and found a penis drawn on the blackboard. She couldn't find the eraser, so she just cleaned it with her hand, thinking it was just a prank the kids were playing on her.

The next day after recess, the teacher found yet another penis on the blackboard, slightly bigger this time, and the eraser nowhere to be found. Slightly annoyed, she cleaned it with her hand again.

The third day, unsurprisingly enough, there was another even bigger penis on the blackboard. This time, the teacher, fed up already, gathered the class and said:
''Alright that's enough, who's drawing the penises?''
To which one kid in the back said:
''I don't know miss, but if you keep rubbing it, it will only get bigger''

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