Free Dinner

A joke my buddy told me that I thought is worth sharing.

A man is walking down the street when he notices a sign out front of a bar that says, "If you can make my horse laugh, free food and drinks!" Curious, the man walks into the bar and sits down. He asks the bartender about the sign out front and the bartender guarantees that he would keep his word. Pondering for a second, the man asks if he can have a moment alone with the horse to which the bartender agrees. Two minutes later, the man comes back in and the bartender can hear his horse laughing his ass off. The bartender then asks the man what he did, but the man does not tell. Keeping his word the man got free food and free drinks all night.

The next day the man is strolling by the bar again when he sees the sign this time and it says "If you can make my horse cry, free food and free drinks!" So the man decides to walk back in. The bartender notices the guy from the night before and asked if he was here for the challenge. The man agreed and asked for another 2 minutes alone with the horse. When he returned to the bar, the bartender can hear his horse crying and wailing in agony. Puzzled, the bartender had to know how the man did it. So after offering up free food and drinks again, the bartender made sure the man stay around to find out how he did it. After getting the man drunk, the bartender asks, "Man, you gotta tell me what you did to my horse." Drunkenly, the man says "You really wanna know? Fine. Well you see the first night, I whispered in your horses ear that I had a bigger dick than he did. And as for the 2nd night, I came back and proved it."

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