Fake Test

Hey kiddies! Tired of doing your homework? then print this page
out, and whenever your folks walk by, pretend you're doing your
homework! Have fun!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck
wood with a a gas powered chainsaw?

Bill has 3 apples and a pear. Nancy has an orange and 2
coconuts. If Bill gives Nancy 1 apple in exchange for a coconut,
which one is toatally bananas?

Jessie is 10 years old. If he has watched Brady Bunch reruns
every night for 3 years, what percentage of his life has Jessie

As I was going to St. Ives, i met a man with seven wives. each
wife had seven kids, each kid had seven puppies. determine how
much the man spends on kibbles each month.

if I add 10 pints of water to a 1 gallon pitcher, what was i

Two motorists leave Detroit at the same time heading south on
the same route. Motorist A is going at 55 m.p.h. Motorist B is
going at 75 m.p.h., but stops at Burger World and eats 3 Fat Boy
Burgers for lunch. Using the Pythagorean Theorem, determine
which motorist has red hair.

Mr. Snufflewhitt was driving on the highway from Springfield to
Elmsburg. Along the way, he passed through 5 toolbooths. Each
tollbooth charged Mr. Snufflewhitt 75 cents. Using Elucidean
geometry, express the percent of tollbooth operators named
"Betty Lou."

If you cut a pie into quarters, then cut each quarter into
thirds, then cut each third in half, what do you have? is it:
(A) gazillionths
(B) messy fingers
(C) crumbs

Biff has $1000 in the bank. If he takes out $900 for a new pair
of sneakers, he will have enough left over for:
(A) sneaker insurance
(B) shoelaces
(C) a head examination

A cheese pizza at Mel's Trattoria costs $7.00. Mel charges an
additional 50 cents for each extra topping. if Emily orders a
pepperoni-sausage-artichoke-garlic-pineapple pizza how much will
it cost her? Is it:
(A) nothing-Mel refuses to make a pizza with pineapple, which he
thinks is disgusting
(B) depends on how big a tip she leaves
(C) $9.50, plus the cost of industrial-strength breath mints

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