A woman walked in to a pet shop...

... to buy some food for her dog, while in the pet shop she saw a parrot for only £3 where as the others where £30, she asked the shop keeper why it was so cheap and he said "Legally when we sell any animal we need to inform the customer of where it came from and this parrot came from a brothel that got closed down and that puts people off buying it. However this parrot can say hello and learn everyone's name it meets" she thought for a second and then decided to buy it.

When she got home she set up the cage in the living room and just as she finished, her daughter came in, "Harriet, this is our knew parrot, he can talk" said the woman, "HELLO HARRIET" the parrot said. Then her son came in and she said "Josh, this is our new parrot", "HELLO JOSH" the parrot said.

About 5 minutes later her husband comes in and the parrot says "HELLO MIKE"

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