A teacher was in class

A teacher was in class on Friday evening (last period).
She told the class that whichever student answered the
question correctly could have Monday off.

She asked "Who is the President of the United States?"

A boy rose his hand and said "Bill Clinton."

The teacher told him he could have Monday off, but the boy told her that he
was Jewish and that Jews don't take holidays for no reason.

The teacher told him not to raise his hand again and she decided to ask
another question. She said "What is the name of the last province that
joined in confederation with Canada?"

Another boy rose his hand and said "Newfoundland."

The teacher told him that he could have Monday off but the boy said that he
too was a Jew.

A big bully who was sitting at the back of the class said "Stupid Jews."

The teacher called out "Who said that?"
The bully called back "Hitler Miss! See yah Tuesday!"

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