A New Rap song from a friend-what do you think?

Yo im sicker than a disease you nasty like split peas, i need g's so i can get paid like i was a pornstar for keeze, lol i rip off the flow tip off the hoe, you big to battle me ill spin you around like i was moby, you think you know me ill whip out my dick so you can blow me, try to hold me i flatten you like boloney, Your like a fruit salad im like a tiger you can call me tony, frosted flakes yea i slay frosty shakes from wendys, i got a glow stick so ill bend these, i got that green glow i got that white snow, im crazy like daisy duck never giving a fuck like my trailblazer SS truck, now i upgraded to the ac type S, you just a fat slob like rayns sisters friend big jess, lol killin it blood spillin it im nasty i can go on forver rappin non stop i even still have that dr suze book hop on pop!

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