A man goes to the Doctor

A man goes to the doctor with a severe speech disorder, determined to discover it's origins.

After many, many tests the doctor comes in with a solemn look on his face.

"werp ducktor, waths da calls of my Airelments?!" The man asked.

The doctor replied. "It appears that your speech disorder is due to you having a massive 20 inch penis."

"Or nor!" The man exclaimed."Ish dare a cur!"

"Not to worry." The Doctor explained. "I believe with a revolutionary new surgery we can transplant your penis with a donors of normal size. This should fix the issue"

"Les drew it!" The man said.

So after a successful penis transplant. The man found that his speech disorder had gone. However, his long time career in the adult film industry was suffering as was is sex life. As he was an unattractive man. He lost his home, his car, all his girl friends and his bank account was nearly empty. He rushed into the Doctors office that had perfumed he surgery.

"Doctor! you gotta put it back. I've lost everything. There has to be something we can do! a life with a speech disorder is far better than this!" The man begged.

The doctor turned to the man with a solemn look on his face.

"Shurry but I cans Harp joos. Use Preenus are allbready been geebon areway!"

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