A man goes into a restaurant and orders off the starter menu.

The waitress brings him a bowl of soup but the man notices she has her thumb stuck in it. When the soup is finished the waitress suggests beef stew as a main course. The man agrees but when she brings the stew to the table he notices she has her thumb stuck it that too. Once the stew is finished the waitress suggests hot apple pie as a dessert. The man agrees, but again, the waitress brings him his plate with her thumb stuck in his food. ‘Look!’ says the man. ‘I wasn’t going to mention it, but every time you bring food to my table you’ve got your thumb stuck it in it.’ ‘Sorry,’ says the waitress. ‘But my thumb’s got an infection. My doctor says I have to keep it in a warm, moist place.’ ‘Well, why not stick it up your ass!’ says the man. The waitress replies, ‘Where d’you think I’ve been putting it when I’m in the kitchen?’

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