A man and his friends are in a bar...

They've been drinking for awhile now, the man is almost out of money, as he was rummaging for more money in his wallet to buy his friends another round, the barkeep notices that he is almost out. he says "you and your friends get free drinks for the rest of the night if you can complete the weekly challenge." The man is curious, so he asks "what's the challenge?" The barkeep pulled out a large bottle of pepper tequila. "You have to drink this whole bottle of tequila without wincing in one go, then trough that door" he points to a door "is a vicious crocodile with a sore tooth, you have to yank it out, and then you need to go into that other door" he points to the next door "now in there you'll find a virgin, you have to sleep with her until she orgasms, now if you can do all that, you'll earn free drinks for the whole night." the man is dumbfounded "there's no way I'm doing that, it's insane!" and so the barkeep says ok and goes back to work.

He buys another round for his friends, they all drink but still want more. the man is now out of money. he thinks it over and says "ok, I'll take on the challenge." The barkeep hands him the bottle of tequila, he drinks it right down, restraining himself from wincing, afterwards he has tears running down his face from the strength of the drink, he's extremely drunk now.

He stumbles out of his chair and walks toward the door with the crocodile while swaying back and forth. he feels around for the doorknob and finally manages to open the door. he shuts it behind him.

for the next several minutes gruesome sounds come from behind the door, a mix of screams and growls. After a long time he finally stumbled out. His body was covered in scratches and bites, his pants were gone, one of his shoes were gone, the other had a large tear in it, and his shirt was torn away except for the collar and left sleeve.

He said in a slurred voice: *"now... abbouthat lady wif the sore tooth..."*

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