A lazy man's aparment is dirty...

and as he watches TV he sees an advertisement for pets that can clean a house with ease from the local pet shop

The next morning the man walks in and asks about the pets. The shopkeeper gives him a monkey and says "your house will be spotless". The man takes the monkey home and the monkey cleans for about 20 minutes. The man goes to the bathroom, comes back, and sees the monkey has flung his shit all over the apartment, worsening the apartment's condition.

The next day the angered man goes back to the pet shop, demanding a refund and plans on just getting a cleaning service to get rid of the shit in his apartment. The shopkeeper is deeply sorry and gives the man a llama for free, promising a more successful result. The man goes back to the apartment with the llama, who diligently cleans the shit. The man, satisfied and sure that the llama will finish the rest of the apartment over night, goes to bed. The man wakes up the next morning and there is spit all over the apartment and his belongings are thrown across the floors.

Pissed off at this point, the man storms back to the pet shop. The shopkeeper pleads to give him one more chance, guaranteeing that his prized millipede will do the job. The man takes the millipede back to the apartment. All day the millipede works his behind off cleaning the apartment, not missing a single spot. Around 10 PM the millipede is done, and the man goes to bed, praying nothing to happen overnight.

Nothing does, and the man wakes up the next morning to the millipede's breakfast spread. The man eats the perfect dish of bacon and eggs. He is about to go get the paper when the millipede volunteers to do so. Surprised by the millipede's insistence to help the lazy man, he sits down and watches a movie. Three hours later, the millipede hasn't returned with the paper! The man is worried and curious and peeks out the door to see if the millipede ran for freedom.

He opens the door and sees the millipede. He asks,

"Hey, Mr. Millipede... what are you doing? I've been waiting for a simple newspaper for three hours."

The millipede responds "I'm tying my shoes..."

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