We find Jesus...

We find Jesus playing golf one beautiful cloud free day (as heaven is floating on clouds) He is joined by Moses and an elderly man wearing tacky old golf clothing.

Moses plays first, he swings his golf stick with precision befitting a man who has used a staff since dawn of humanity, the ball flies perfectly, almost, when it suddenly falls straight into the lake just shy of the green surrounding the hole.

Unfazed, Moses walks over, spreads his arms, and parting the waters to reveal his golf ball and few flapping fish (don't worry, they will be fine, its heaven). Moses then hits the ball onto the green, walks over and taps it into the hole.

Jesus goes next, He swings with such grace and precision, sending the ball hurtling towards the green, then behold, as it lands on the very edge of the green, on the very point where it meets the water.

Jesus casually walks over, takes position impossible for a mortal man by standing on the water itself to hit the ball straight into the hole, one less hit than Moses.

The old man goes last, his old bones slightly creaking as he hits the ball rather clumsily, with the ball wobbling erratically yet straight towards the deepest part of the lake.

As its about to hit the surface, a fish jumps out! It swallows the ball, but just before its back safely underwater an eagle comes swooping down and clutching the fish with its talons; He soars upwards towards the skies, suddenly a thunder-strike hits the Eagle, it drops the fish, fish lands on the green, ball rolls out of its mouth and straight into the hole.

Jesus turns around and says: "Father, if thou art gonna cheat , we are not going to play anymore."

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