Tommy's grandfather

Miss Caroline's 6th grade world history class is taking a unit on WWII. The teacher said that if anyone had veterans from the war in their family, ask them to come to class and speak about their experiences. Some students felt they needed this to be a bit more with their time, so the teacher offered bonus points for whoever wished to get someone to speak.
Tommy ran home that day and phoned his grandfather. He asked him if he would like to come and speak about WWII I'm front of his class. His grandfather agreed and Tommy happily went out the rest of his day. The next class, Tommy's grandfather was in the front of the classroom preparing to speak.

Teacher : Alright class, please welcome Mr. Schwartz, who will be speaking about his experiences during WWII.

Grandfather : Thank you miss. Now how many of you would like to hear an action story?

Almost all of the students shot up their hands.

Grandfather : Alrighty then. It was a gloomy day, I was in my airplane with top secret information. I looked around to see almost clear skies. Then I spotted them. Three Fokkers. One behind and on either side.

The class began to giggle and Miss Caroline blushed

Grandfather : Now I kept my cool and did a loop de loop to get behind em. That's when I fired. Bang Bang Bang! The direct hits. One of the Fokkers down, two more to go.

At this the class burst into laughter

Teacher : Now class, Fokker is an airplane manufacturer isn't that right Mr. Schwartz?

Grandfather : Huh? Oh yes that is correct. However, these particular Fokkers were flying Messerschmitts.

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