The Pope plans to visit a monastery..

..and upon hearing this news, a monk decides to go down to the lake to catch a fish for the Pope's dinner.

He catches a fish called a Sumbitch.

He walks back to the monastery with the Sumbitch and hands it to another monk in the kitchen; "Clean this Sumbitch for the Pope's dinner, will you please?"

"Hey, you can't say that!" The other monk replies.

"It's ok. That's the name of the fish" says the monk as he hands over the fish.

He cleans the fish, and takes it to the cook: "Cook this Sumbitch for the Pope to eat, will you?"

"Hey! You can't say that!!" The cook says.

"It's ok. That's the name of the fish"

"Alright." The cook replies.

The cook brings it to another monk to serve to the Pope: "Bring this Sumbitch to Pope for his dinner, please?"

"You can't say that!!" The server replies.

"It's ok" The cook says. "That's the name of the fish"

All the monks are now seated at the table with the Pope at the head of the table.

The fisherman monk who caught the fish speaks up:

"Do you like your fish, Your Grace? I caught that Sumbitch!"

A second monks speaks: "And I cleaned that Sumbitch!

And a third: "And I cooked that Sumbitch!"

And another: "And I *brought* you that Sumbitch!"

The Pope calmly stops eating as he leans back in his chair, puts down his silverware, looks around the table at the rest of the monks and says:

*"You motherfuckers are alright!!*"

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