The pope falls ill, so the cardinals call for a doctor...

After an elaborate check up, the doctor calls for the cardinals to gather in a big meeting room to share his diagnosis.

"The holy father has a terminal illness, and there's only one way around it, although I'm not sure you'd be happy with it"
"What is the cure, doctor?" the cardinals ask him.
"He must have sex" says the doctor.

After the doctor leaves, the cardinals decide to tell the pope that his only way to survive is to have sex. So the pope hears them out, and after considering it he agrees, but on four conditions.

"What are the conditions, father?" the cardinals ask him.

"Well", says the pope "the first condition is that the woman must be blind, so that she doesn't see who's having sex with her. The second condition is that she must be deaf, so that she doesn't accidentally hear who's having sex with her. The third condition is that she must be mute, so that even if she finds out who had sex with her, she can't tell a soul."

After this the pope goes silent and after a few seconds the cardinals impatiently implore:

"Father, what is the last condition?"

The pope replies:

"She must have big tits!"

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