The Bartender's Challenge

A man enters a bar and walks right up to the counter.

As he's about to order a drink, he notices a huge glass jar, absolutely stuffed with $20s.

The man asks the bartender, "Hey, what's this, a tip jar or something?"

The bartender responds with a smile, "We have a little challenge here, been going on for a while. It's $20 to enter, you keep everything if you win. Want to hear it?"

The man nods.

"There are three parts to this challenge," the bartender says, setting a jar of peppers on the counter.

"First, you have to eat every pepper in this jar without stopping."

"Second, there's an angry dog out back with a sore tooth. Get it out for him."

"Third, there's an old woman upstairs who's never been with anyone. You need to give her something to remember."

The man gulps, but looks back at the money and decides to take the risk. He hands over a $20 and sets to work.

The first thing the man does is order a bottle of whiskey, thinking alcohol will numb the heat of the peppers. He downs the entire bottle.

The now-drunk man staggers back to the jar of peppers, and begins to eat. Tears run down his face and his eyes burn, but he refuses to make a face.

Through a whiskey-addled haze the man realizes he has completed the first part of the challenge. He gives a victory hiccup and stumbles outside to the angry dog.

From inside, the patrons begin to hear a loud commotion outside.

First shouting, then screaming, then crying can be heard.

Finally, the man stumbles back inside, clothes torn and bleeding from a few places.

"Aaaalright," he slurs.

"Where's that old woman with the sore tooth?"

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