So, two priests are talking...

and one mentions that he has a new kind of fish he wants to try for supper, called sunzoviches (sons o' bitches). The one priest is in shock that he said that, while the other says "No, no, that is the name of the fish." So, later that night, they were finished and they said "Wow, those were great. Let's invite the minister." The next night, the minister comes over and asks about what are they eating. The priests say "sunzoviches," to which the minister chokes out "What!" "No, no, it is the name of the fish." So they eat their dinner and the minister exclaims "These sunzoviches are the best fish I ever had." A few days pass and everyone in the churches have eaten these sunzoviches. Then the minister says, "You know what, we need to do it... We need to go to the Pope and share these sunzoviches with him." So the church flies to the Vatican City and has an audience with the Pope. The chef cooks up the sunzoviches and serves the church group and the Pope. The church group happily dines while the Pope just stares at the dish. All of the church members are talking about how these sunzoviches are amazing.

"Wow, these sunzoviches are amazing,"

"These sunzoviches are like Heaven"

"The sunzoviches are cooked to perfection."

Then the Pope starts shaking in his seat, his plate still untouched, but with the silverware in his hands, while his audience does not notice.

"Sunzoviches are the best food"

"I really love these sunzoviches,"

To which the Pope SLAMS his silverware on the table, startling everyone, and yelling out "You know what, you Mother Fuckers are alright!"

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