My favorite medical joke

A lady in her 50s goes to see a plastic surgeon.
"Doctor, I'd like to do something about these wrinkles on my face, but I live out in the country and I don't want to have to keep coming back to see you often."
He says, "Sure, well we have this new device called 'The Knob.' Basically we just install this little knob at the back of your head and if you ever feel like you need a little tightening, you just give it a quarter turn."
She thinks this sounds fantastic, has the procedure and goes on her way.
20 years later she comes back to the same doctor.
"Doctor, this thing has been great but lately I've been noticing these bags under my eyes."
"Well yes," he says, "that is a side effect we weren't expecting. Those aren't just bags under your eyes, those are your breasts."
"Oh," she replies. "I guess that explains the goatee.

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