Music Jokes? Yes!

Did you hear about the kid who got shocked at the playground?

- He was on the *electric slide.*

My friend enjoys hunting for precious metals.

- She's a real *gold digger.*

I can't find my bible, my cross, or my Christmas tree.

- I'm really *losing my religion.*

Did I tell you about the time I tried to comfort the dying hotel chain?

- It told me not to worry, Four *Seasons don't fear the reaper.*

My car broke down on Sunday morning, luckily a man stopped to help.

- He said he could bring me home, but first he had to *take me to church.*

Actress Alyssa Milano sometimes likes to re-visit her most famous role.

- She's living a *semi-Charmed life.*

I've been having trouble typing today, oneofmykeysbroke.

- I think it's a *space jam.*

What happened to the man who tripped in the denim factory?

- He got *tangled up in blue* jeans.

Have you heard about the epileptic baby?

- All it does is *shake, rattle, and roll.*

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