Mike Tyson Joke

So Mike Tyson and REV. Jesse Jackson are walking thru the Vatican trying to get a blessing from the Pope. When they get inside REV. Jesse Jackson says to Mike Tyson " Now Mike you go around that way and I am going to walk the other way and we will meet back here hopefully one of us will get a blessing. So REV. Jesse Jackson starts walking around and Mike Tyson says "fuck that and starts eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the ground. Jesse Jackson makes a full circle around and comes back and sees Mike Tyson receiving a blessing from the Pope( top to bottom, Left to right) you know how the Pope crosses people. Jesse Jackson runs up excited and says "mike, Mike what did he say" Mike Tyson looks at Jesse Jackson and says he didn't bless me all he said was " look you fucking nigga pick up your peanuts, get your nigga buddy, and get the fuck out of here. haha

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