Little Matt is doing his math homework ...

Little Matt is doing his math homework, with his dad watching the news, not far away in the living room. “2 plus 3, the son of bitch is 5”. His dad thinks he misheard, so he doesn’t say anything. His son, very applied, goes on with his questions sheet. “4 plus 5, the son of bitch is 9”.

His dad is definitely sure of what he just heard, but as he’s ready to ask, little Matt answers the next: “1 plus 6, the son of bitch is 7”.

- “Matt, stop! What’s going on there?”
- “Nothing dad, just doing my homework”
- “Yeah, but what did you just say?”
- “I said, ‘the son of bitch is’, as the teacher taught us, dad”

His father is livid. He won't allow cursing in his house. He calls little Matt’s teacher and has Matt repeat how he does math. The teacher laughs and tells the father “I see! When I give them an example on the board, I say ‘1 plus 1, the sum of which is 2”.

The father, confused, replied “anyway, thanks for letting me know. But I am still wondering where this little son of a bitch got that type of language from.”

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