Little Johnny is going places

Little Johnny is walking down the country lane and passes Farmer Joe. Farmer Joe asks "Boy, where you going with that chicken wire?" Little Johnny replies "To get me some chickens." Farmer Joe replies "Silly boy. You can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" Two hours later little Johnny passes Farmer Joe dragging the chicken wire with a dozen chickens caught up in it.

The next day, same thing. Little Johnny is walking by and Farmer Joe asks "Boy, where you going with that duct tape?" "To catch me some ducks." "Stupid boy. You can't catch ducks with duct tape!!" Two hours later Farmer Joe's jaw drops as little Johnny walks by with the tape rolled out behind him and about 15 ducks stuck in it.

The next day, right on cue, little Johnny walks by again. Farmer Joe asks "Boy, where you going with that stick?" "Ain't got a stick. It's a Pussy Willow." Farmer Joe says "Wait up boy. I'm coming with you!"

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