I found a genie lamp and it turned out to be an "animal" genie

I rubbed the strange looking lamp with excitement and the genie proptly came out.

Me: "this is great! So, do i get three wishes?"

Genie: "no sir, i am a special kind of genie, an animal genie, i can grant you the wish to turn you into any animal you'd like. Any animal, just name it."

Me: "well i wasn't expecting this, but dog, definitely dog!"

Genie: "really? A dog? I mean, you could be any majestic creature that you want. You could be a formidable rhinoceros or a mighty eagle and soar the skies looking for prey. Maybe even a whale, a dolphin, a fearsome shark, so many options to choose from."

Me: "Okay, Do any of those like their own dick and balls?"

Genie: "uhh.. no I don't think so"

Me: "dog it is!

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