God Will Provide

A young, very religious man goes home with his girlfriend to meet her parents for the first time. Her father is naturally very skeptical of the young man, and after dinner has a quick heart-to-heart with him.

"Now I know you are interested in marrying my daughter. She is the apple of my eye and I cannot trust her with just any man. My first question to you young man is how do you intend on providing for my daughter?"

"God will provide" he replied.

Not satisfied with this response, the father asked again "No seriously, how do you intend on taking care of my daughter?"

Again he said, "God will provide."

Realizing he wasn't going to get a better answer, the two exited the room. Later that night the father was talking with his wife while cleaning the dishes.

Mom asks "So how did your talk with our daughter's boyfriend go?"

Father goes, "Well...he thinks I'm God."

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