Gateway: Why East Indians Work in Tech Support

One day Gateway conducted a call out meeting for the best computer geeks around. The employers went to a deli, a vegan restaurant, and an Indian restaurant scouting for people using computers. They found a handful of adept people in each place and brought them to Gateway headquarters.

A Gateway big wig asked the Jews from the deli, "How good are you with computers?"

One Jew responded, "Extremely good. But I won't tolerate pigs in this business."

The big wig frowned. "We have a computer model in a box patterned after a pig. It's advertising our new pink computer targeted at females."

The Jew said, "I won't tolerate this. I am kosher." All of the Jews got up and stormed out of the building.

"Okay..." the executive said. "I guess this idea will not appeal to a certain demographic." He tossed the prototype out the window.

"Now, how good are you guys?" he asked, looking at the vegans.

"Very proficient," they answered, "but we will not be milked for all we're worth."

" what do you think of this model?" The executive held up a black and white Gateway cow-patterned box.

"I will not tolerate this," one of the vegans said. "To me, this is like shoving dairy products down our throats." The vegans got up and stormed out of the building.

"Well, what about you guys?" the executive asked, looking at the Hindus.

The Indians were already bowing down to the sacred Gateway cow box.

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