Fishing Aint so Bad

One day a priest decided to go down to the dock near his church. He saw a fisherman loading up his boat there. So the priest watched him for awhile. The fiisherman saw the priest and asked him if he wanted to go fishing with him. The priest had nothing to do so he said ok. They went out all day. They only caught one fish all day and it was the priest who caught it. The fisherman said,"That's a big sonofabitch!" The priest was like what did you say. Quickly thinking the fisherman said that is the name of the fish. Later when the priest went back to the church he showed it to the bishop and said look at this sonofabitch I caught. The bishop was like watch you mounth. The priest said no that is the name of the fish. The bishop said ok lets go clean it. They cleaned it and took it to the sister to cook it. She said where did you get the fish from. The priest said I caught the sonofabitch and the bishop cleaned the sonofabitch. The nun was stuned but she cooked it. Later that night the pope came over for diner. After diner he asked where they got the fish from. The priest said,"I caught the sonofabitch." The bishop said,"I cleaned the sonofabitch." Abd the nun said,"I cooked the sonofabitch." Just then the pope sat back in his chair losened his belt and said,"I you mother f*ckers aint so bad after all."

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