curing a s-st-stutter

A man walks into a doctor's office and tells him, "D-d-doc-doctor... m-my wife s-s-s-sent me here to s-s-see if y-y-y-y-you c-c-can fix m-m-my s-st-stutter."

"Damn, I can barely understand you myself," said the doctor. Go on into the exam room, take off your clothes. I'll be in there in a minute." The man does so.

As soon as the doctor walks in, he pauses. "I think I may see what the problem is," he said. "But I'll run some tests."

Once he gets the results back, he tells the patient, "Just as I thought. You have way too much dick for your small frame. It's creating too much tension with the weight that it's straining your diaphragm and larynx. The only way to fix it is to get rid of about seven inches."

The patient asked, "W-w-w-whe-when c-c-can w-we d-d-do the op-p-peration?"

"Right now, if you'd like." "F-f-f-fine. D-d-do it."

As soon as the patient woke up from the operation, the doctor told him to speak. "Thank you, doctor!" he exclaimed. "I can speak clearly now!" The doctor told him to come back in two weeks for a followup.

The patient came back the next day. "Doctor, I appreciate what you did for me, I really do," he said. "But my wife said that she'd rather me stutter another thousand years instead of giving up my seven inches you took off. Do you think you can sew it back on?"

The doctor looked at him and said, "Y-y-y-y-y-you're t-t-too l-l-l-late."

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