A student at Baylor University named Jesse was taking one of the
hardest psychology teachers on campus. Throughout the semester
he was not doing so well on his exams and papers. It came time
for finals and he studied very hard for that class knowing that
it would be a one question test. During the year they talked
about a number of differnet things like why people act the way
they do and how to change that. What actions are taken in what
situtations and so on. To recieve a good grade on the test the
student had to write everything they knew on the test subject.
The day came for the test and the students, especially Jesse,
were very nervous. The teacher came in and wrote on the board
the question:

What is it to Be Courageous?

All of the students started writing frantically. Jesse sat there
for a while and simply wrote in his blue book:

This is being courageous.

Jesse recieved the only A in the class.

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