Broken Horse

The day after Christmas a mounted Police Officer sees a young
boy riding a bike. He stops the boy and asks, "Did Santa Claus
bring you that bike?" "Yes." the little boy answered. The police
officer got off of the horse and said, "Well Santa did a bad
thing, he gave you a bike but no helmet. So I'm going to have to
give you a ticket. You're not in any trouble, but you should
take this ticket straight home and give it to your mom or dad
and they will know what to do."

The little boy looked really sad. As the police officer
remounted his horse the little boy asked him, "Did Santa Claus
bring you that horse?" The police officer thought to himself, I
was a little hard on the kid.... "Yes," he replied, "Santa
brought me this horse." "Well," said the little boy, "you need
to take it back, it's broken...the dick is supose to be on the

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