Belt Size 48-50

I gave out a list of some gifts I would like to have from 'Old Santa' to my six children & their families. One of the items listed was a belt, size 48-50 (I am of ample proportions). The following is a true story told to me by my son-in-law last night.He and my 7 year old grandson were out looking at gifts last week and my son-in-law told John to go look for a belt - size 48- 50. A little later John came back with the longest belt he found (size 44). Jack told him to take it back and get one 48-50. John came back a second time, again with the largest belt he could find (size 46). Jack told him again to get a size 48-50! Whereupon John asked, 'Dad do they really make cows that long?'

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