A young man visits his girlfriend`s family for the first time...

He is really nervous and is doing his best to make a good impression. Dinner is served and he takes care to keep his elbows tucked in and tries not to stuff his mouth as he usually does.

After a while, however, he feels the need to fart. At first he fights to keep it in, but eventually he stops resisting nature, and an audible and putrid fart is the result.

"Rex!!" shouts the father to the family dog which is under the table. The boyfriend can`t believe his luck. Poor Rex has taken the blame for his fart. This means he can freely fluff his way through the meal.

Five minutes later he farts again. "Rex!! This is your second warning!" shouts the father. The boyfriend feels sad for the dog, but relaxes all the same knowing that the father`s been fooled.

Five minutes after that, the boyfriend farts again. The smell brings tears to his eyes. This time the father prods poor Rex with his foot and says, "Rex! Get out from under the table before this clown shits on you!"

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