A priest goes fishing......

......and he lands a huge bluefish. The captain of the boat looks down from the bridge and says, "Look at the size of that son of a bitch!"

The priest if horrified. "Captain! Your language!"

"Oh......sorry, father. B-b-but that species of fish is actually called a 'son of a bitch.'"

Satisfied with the explanation, the priest shows his catch to the Mother Superior. "Mother Superior," he says. "Look at this son of a bitch I caught!"


"It's alright. The captain told me this kind of fish is called a son of a bitch."

"Oh, okay. Let me help you clean it." As they clean the fish, the bishop happens by.

"Bishop! Look at this son of a bitch the father caught."

"Mother Superior!"

"It's okay. This fish is called a son of a bitch."

The bishop sighs with relief. "Tell you what...let me cook it for you."

The bishop cooks such a beautiful meal that they decide to invite the Pope to join them. After they eat, the Pope says, "Delicious! Whom do I have to thank for such a splendid meal."

"I caught the son of a bitch!" says the priest.

"I cleaned the son of a bitch!" say the Mother Superior.

"And I cooked the son of a bitch!" say the Bishop.

The pope looks back and forth between them, leans back, and says, "Damn! You motherfuckers are alright!"

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