A newel married women is looking to book for honeymoon

A newly married Women goes a travel agent & says, "Can you give me a great deal on a Honeymoon package"

Agent: We have a $8000 package to Hawaii for 3 nights / 2 days including Flight, Hotel & Food

Women: Do you have a cheaper package?

Agent: We have a 2 Nights / 3 Days package to Florida Keys that includes travel, hotel & Drinks for $5000

Women: Do you have a package cheaper than this? A better deal?

Agent: We have a special offer for 10 Nights / 11 Days in London & Paris via Milan. Stay in honeymoon suite and complimentary chauffeured car & of course flight, Hotel, Food & drinks are all included & the cost for this is Free

Women: WOW, what's the catch? What's in fine prints?

Agent: No catch, just that the husband will be from our company.

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