A man walks into a church...

And sees a nun so beautiful, he cant resist the opportunity to have sex with her.

So before the nuns get on their church bus, the man asks the bus driver what he can do. The bus driver replied "Dress as a priest and take her to a dark room. Tell her the lord told you to have sex with her."

The man says "Thank you sir, I will be back tomorrow when your bus arrives in the morning."

The church bus arrives and the man is waiting inside the church as he waits for his nun to arrive. He greets her and asks to talk to her in the choir room, but he shuts off the lights when he enters the room. "Father, why are the lights off?" The nun asks. "Nevermind that, the lord told me something important in my prayers yesterday. He told me we were suppose to have sex." "Ok. But only in the ass, I would still like to keep my purity." Said the nun.

And so they do it and when they are done the man turns on the light and takes off the rest of his clothes and says "Im the guy from mass yesterday"

The nun takes off her clothes and says "im the guy from the bus"

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